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Originally Posted by jh valley View Post
the point of my original post wasnt to proclaim BioShock as this godsend of an FPSs which finally provided some relief from the traditional. it was, however, intended to act as a sort of "fuck you" for saying
So "PC" lol

I felt it brought a new perspective with the plasmids. Many options versus just traditional run and gun.
Originally Posted by 1stnewcar View Post
You are stuck in the old ways of FPS my friend - there are many different ways of tackling the enemy - two modes

Try playing it again and try some different tactics out.
I can understand where 533ogetnom is coming from; I agree in the beginning I was playing in the traditional manner, using plasmids in a normal fashion, and I could rely on the traditional AI fooling strategies of hit and run, have them follow, get ready, bottleneck them, mow 'em down etc. it was getting a little monotonous.

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! 2 things have changed my approach and garnered new enjoyment and variety:
  1. Expirementing w/diff. plasmids rather than relying on the same ones all the time. Plus with the Gene Banks it's convenient to change back if the strategy fails.
  2. I was doing ok but wanted to see how other people took Big Daddies down, for example. Watched a few videos online and that was an eye-opener. "Why didn't I think of that?!" So now I'm using those strategies and trying diff. things out

That def. helped break me out of the hit and run or run and gun mentality. Sure, you can probably take enemies down with your weapons, but setting up elaborate traps with the trap bolt and proximity mines = fun + less effort Or lighting someone up with Fire then shooting heat-seeking RPGs at them
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