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Sean, having known the owners of two of the largest wheel companies, personally been through over 20+ sets, etc... I disagree with many things you said but its not worth my time to respond. Please don't spread information as fact when it is merely opinion. It does no good for the community as many inexperienced people will read your posts and take it for fact. Have you ever heard of correlation does not imply causation? If not, look it up- it particularly applies to your experience with the three sets of powdercoated wheels that bent.

Back on topic: Just got updated that the wheels will be back on Monday (they were suppose to be done today). I replied to all pms.

I am open to trades + cash (front lip, csl trunk, zcp spoiler, etc), but no wheels as I have too many sets here as is.
2011 AW/FR Extended E92 M3... fully loaded