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Originally Posted by adc View Post
My question was not actually whether the roof would collapse (partially), but rather whether the Schroth 4 point quick connect harness would keep you upright and get your spine crushed, when a regular seatbelt would allow your body to slip/tilt to one side and thus avoid permanent injury or death.

I think this has been the big question ever since they came up with this plug-in harness. I haven't received a satisfactory answer yet which is why I've never bought one for the E36 or E46.

But after tracking my E90 I realized that the only significant risk increase comes from bigger straightline speeds - cornering speeds are similar to previous cars. So as long as I stay on street or street-legal tires and as long as I don't chase the last 10-20mph on the straight, I think I should be ok.

Or not?
there are too many variables within too many specific scenarios of a 'roll over' accident to answer that question.
What u say makes sense .... and it could happen that way, i suppose ..... hmmm, OE seat designs would benefit from a fixed seatback (integrated steel frame inside the seat back) to help in that specific scenario.... of course we would lose the ability to tilt ur seatback all the way ... but who cares about that when it comes to improved safety.