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Extended Warranty - Not Transferable?

Hey folks,

I wasn't sure where to put this other than "General". Here's the deal.

Bought my 2009 Coupe from Carmax last summer, had 18,800 miles, looks AMAZING! Jet Black w/ Black Leather, DCT, etc... Had my service dealership print out the report on my car showing sticker price, all options. Normal Maintenance agreement, expired 12/22/2012, did not extend. Had the 72 month / 100,000 mile Warranty. <--is this not transferable to new owner???

Plastic "nut head", one of two on my engine cover was found broken off rattling around in the recess where it lives. I showed my service advisor and asked about it. I didn't know what they would do, because it appeared that I could have broken it off myself... Long story short, they decided to cover it under the warranty. Cool.

Ordered the part, called me a week or two later to install it. (this was November '12) Get there at 7:30am on the day, but Service Advisor comes to me very embarrassed, the parts were nowhere to be found. No big deal, he says "I will call you when they get here, so sorry, etc..."

I'm pretty laid back, no big deal. Thanksgiving and Christmas happen, I finally am about to check with my guy in January to see what's up, when out of the blue he calls me, says, Parts are here, make an appointment and we'll get it replaced!!

I'm about to drop it off this morning at 7:30am, but get a call at 7:00am from the receptionist saying, "Don't come in, there's some issue, Service rep will contact you today."

Service Rep calls me and says, "We've got a problem, we can't replace the engine cover because it's no longer under Warranty."

I'm a pretty laid back guy, so I chuckle and say, "Now Jeremy, that's just silly talk. First of all, I have an extended warranty on this car, but let's put that issue aside and say "No extended warranty"... I brought it in BEFORE the normal warranty would have expired and YOU didn't have the part, and YOU said you would call me when it came in."

Rep says, "Yes, I remember all of that, but there's no way to cover it under warranty since it has expired. But let me see what I can do first, I will call you as soon as possible with more information."

Anyway, this leads me to a question posed in the title of this thread... Are the extended Warranties not transferable to new owners?