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Let me see if I can help.

LMB all the way. Well, it is almost as hard to keep clean as black. I have it with Fox Red leather.

Since I am talking about leather, cloth is great on this car, but no longer comes with electric memory seats. If that is not an issue for you, stick with cloth.

Heated seats? Where do you live. For $500 - no brainer.

ZCP - nice wheels, but otherwise as Clarkson would say a button that makes it uncomfortable. If you want 19s, and like the ZCP wheels (I do), ZCP is a good value. But consider skipping ZCP and sticking with 18s and no EDC.

SAT radio? I dunno, HD radio works great.

USB adaptor, you may not need it. Maybe a smart German dealer will be able to help, but new M3s should have bluetooth streaming standard with Bluetooth phone prep. I do not know which option if any is required, and BMW NA does not either. But assuming you get Bluetooth streaming (no cables), just get Bluetooth, and have it for phone calls as well.

iDrive? Now, at first it seems like a lot of money for a nav. But it is more than a Nav. It is a computer interface to settings in your car. Like Bluetooth streaming, EDC and "POWER" button settings, etc. As well interface if you want to perform software updates yourself (not engine, but electronics.) Since I got ZCP - settings, Bluetooth, USB, and rear parking sensors. Getting Conv.package would have been less than $1,000 and well worth it. You also want alarm - in Conv. as well.

In short, either get Comp. Pack, Conv. Pack and Prem. Pack or get none of the expensive options such as alarm, bluetooth, carbon leather, EDC, 19s. Car like that is $70K, you must get significantly below $70K to mak it worthwhile. For me that is a white car with 18s, cloth and no EDC, Nav, etc.
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