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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Yup, it all started with painted reflectors from iND....

Congrats man, car looks dope!
Originally Posted by emanresu View Post
Haha great post!

I never understood all the hate for the amber reflectors. I think they look good. But regardless, your car is beautiful

Originally Posted by stefan View Post
You sound a lot like me, but I don't think I'd go with such a low setup. I'm loving the stock ride. From your perspective--the apprehensive modder--how do the KW V3s feel in comparison? Any issues with ride height (e.g., lots of potholes where you live? Steep driveways?)
Originally Posted by Da M3nace View Post
Same questions here...I live in New York!
Ride quality is outstanding. I had to play around with the damping to get it just right, but once you find your ideal settings, it's noticeably improved. As for potholes, to be honest, I found myself super anal and careful around potholes and steep driveways with stock ride height.

I haven't had to try any harder or worry any more with the height it's at. If I had a lip it may be a different story.

..speaking of which, Ilia.......

Originally Posted by geneatals View Post
lol..great post..similar story with me..
all i wanted was relfectors, grills, and ae's.....spacers, side gills, and an akra slip on soon followed..then all the coding

car looks great...are the tips on the passenger side sitting right? looks like the outter tip is slightly off
I would pay obscene amounts of money to someone if they can adjust those tips for me so they stay straight. The amount of time I've spent under the rear of my car cursing....

Originally Posted by meyergru View Post
You sir, are a liar, since you did not tell the whole story: What about them Verstraße shifter paddles?

Sick ride, BTW!
Those paddles are my favourite mod to date, no lie. (Ok, maybe the Akra, but the paddles are totally worth it)