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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
I heart 2nd gen MR2's.

I grew up knowing of a blue Turbo, a late one, maybe a '94. Then it wound up with a for sale sign and I was old enough to buy it. I walked up to it and saw it was an automatic and almost wept in sadness.

After doing one auto-manual conversion in my early 20's, I swore never to do it again.
Awesome to see an ex Viggen driver on here! If it makes you feel any better, the turbos never came in automatic, so it was probably misadvertised. Doubt you wanted to play with 135hp dodged a bullet!

Ditto on that auto-manual conversion...currently haven't wired up reverse lights in my 5th MR2 yet....

My family was a Saab family for a little while too. We've had an 02 9-5, 04 9-3ss, and 06 9-7x. I was actually a moderator on Saabcentral from 2006 until I gave up on Saabs....haha...