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Originally Posted by socrates42
how much?
I chose his Basic Detail and Engine wash for a total of $260. Since he came to my place (not the norm and was a special request), I paid him an extra $30 for his gas.

Here is a list of his offerings from the email he sent me:

Basic Wash includes wash of the vehicle, wheel wells, wheels and tires, detail spray on the body and dressing of the tires. I charge$75 for cars & $100 for trucks/SUVs for this service.

The Basic Detail entails a thorough wash of the exterior/wheels/wheel wells/clay bar decontaminant of paint and glass followed by a coat of sealant to protect the paint. I also treat the rims with a good sealant to repel brake dust. Tires are dressed as well. Basic charge for this service is $185 for cars and $225 for trucks/SUVs and normally takes 3-4 hours because I like to take my time to ensure everything is done thoroughly.

Single Stage paint correction is $350 for cars and $450 for trucks/SUVs. Paint correction process is as follows:
Wash with dawn to remove wax and other pre-existing protectants, then I'll clay the entire car to remove iron contaminents, brake dust, overspray, and industrial fallout. After the clay is complete I'll rewash the car to remove any remaining residue. When the wash is complete I'll tape off all molding and trim as well as seals to protect them from polish. At this point the polishing begins. Normally I'll do a few test areas to see what combo of polish/pad works the best for your individual vehicle, and then begin from there. After the polishing stage is complete I'll rinse the car to remove any dusting leftover from the compounding process, then apply a sealant to lock in the work and protect the paint. A single stage correction will remove 50-65% of paint defects, and is completely dependant upon the individual condition of the vehicle.

Multi Stage Correction starts at $475 for cars and $600 for trucks/SUVs and gets the same prep work as the single stage, but I'll start with the aggressive compound, then step down to a less aggressive pad and polish combo. That will finish down down nicer, remove any holograms or buffer trails left by the aggressive cut, and really bring out the gloss that will leave a show car finish. The starting price will get you 8-10 hours which is normally what I will put into one day. Because of the nature of multi stage corrections, and the prep work involved, most jobs will require more than one day so please take that into consideration. Details like this are very time consuming but are definitely worth it if you're looking for the best possible care for your car.

Opti-Coat paint protection is an ultra hard, clear drying coating that can be applied after a full correction is complete. This coating is like armor for your vehicle, and is extremely resistant to heat, UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, and most importantly the common wash induced swirl marks. As a preventive measure, a full correction must be performed prior to the coating's application, otherwise any imperfections in the paint will be locked under the coating. The coating must be left to cure for at least 12 hours before any washing or exposure to water. After the coating has dried, it is maintenance free and will yield up to three years of protection. Price for the application of Opti-Coat is $550 for cars and $650 for SUVs/trucks

Headlight Restoration

Through a triple stage wet sanding/polising process I can transform your old, cloudy headlights into as new condition. A great safety and appearance mod! Priced per pair at $90.

I also do a full engine detail/degrease/protect for $75 as well as full interior detail for $125 for cars, and $175 for SUVs.
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