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I believe people deserve 2nd chances if they screwed up because life circumstances caused them to make a wrong choice. But I don't believe he deserves a 2nd chance to play again in the NFL because:
1. He was successful and had no reason to gamble on dog fighting other than for the sport of it. Only a retard would risk losing everything they had just to fight dogs.
2. All NFL players know what the consequences are if they are caught doing something illegal. They are even lectured about it during their rookie symposiums.
3. Most people will feel remorse because they are caught and lose everything. Doesn't mean he is remorseful for killing dogs.
4. How many of us would get rehired at our jobs if we pulled this kind of crap.

That being said, I don't care if he plays again. I like watching him on the field and I am curious to see how he performs again. I just don't think he deserves it.