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Sure the new car performs better vs old, but it took +50 bhp over a wider rpm range to do it (actual bhp not what bmw claims). If anything, the S65 had 414bhp in optimal conditions only (most have measured lower than this). When one considers that effectively modern upgrades to the E9x M3, including decent brakes, lighter suspension components, lighter wheels, removal of sound deading, better software, a wider track, you could have closely equivalent track performance and a power bump in the V8 would have made it equal. I feel like BMW ///M had the opportunity to hit the ball out of the park and take a further leap beyond the competition, like they did with the E46 and E90 but instead were complacent with outperforming the outgoing model with a few obvious upgrades that would have happened anyway over the course of time. The ///M division lost all its autonomy and you saw it by some of the big-name departures that were formerly BMW lifers that were born and raised in the ///M division...we know that the current model is not the one the ///M division wanted to produce. Sadly, this is the current state of automotive affairs that has even affected the likes of Porsche and Ferrari, which is bad for enthusiasts, but good for clean lungs!