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Originally Posted by DnA Diesel View Post

Well at lest someone is reading the article and not talking out of their rear...

If you're a douche and you confess to the police that you really did what you said you did, I don't care what the cause was for cops coming to ask you in the first place was, you are: a) a douche in the first place for driving that way in a residential neighbourhood and not at least on some highway, and b) a douche for telling the cops you did what you (stupidly) said you did.

The guy gave up his constitutional rights by being an idiot and admitting he did it.

I actually have no issue with the guy south of the border who pointed the cops towards the idiot.


The article said the forum post was what caused them to launch the investigation, make a conviction. Not only did the suspect confess, but he pleaded guilty as well. A forum post is technically a piece of evidence, but it is one of the most easily shot down and dismissed pieces of evidence to introduce that no ADA would ever use it. A confession, on the other hand, is quite a bit easier.

Aaaaand just to play the devil's advocate here... everyone condemning the kid for speeding through an area they don't know and have never been through doesn't really have a lot of basis to do so. There are a number of indications that a lot of traffic law, i.e. red light cameras, is incorporated and enforced with revenue generation as a primary goal as opposed to safety. There is no reason that we should believe speed limits are assessed with more noble goals. Chances are that the suspect was being overly risky here, and speeding excessively, granted. However, I certainly know of a few flat, straight countryside roads with a 30 mph speed limit used by most cars at around 60-65 mph...

If you truly think that speed limits are purely used for safety, then I'd beg this question:

When was the last time a speed limit in your town was changed? I know in the town I grew up in, the same roads have had the same speed limits for 40+ years. Hard to believe that today's cars are no safer than those being made in the 1970s...