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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Exactly; this could be very fun and a very cheap project.

But you're spot on on the battery issue. But with the battery grip handy, its less of an issue.

Which one do you have? The new ipad (3) got the same camera as the Iphone 4S; which is really good.

But the one I have (Ipad 2), is really a sub-par phone camera which match your description of noise levels.
New Ipad, I had back lighting going on from the window behind however, so that probably screwed with everything. But still, could tell it wasn't a DSLR sensor

I'll try again sometime. I also assume it works 100x better outdoors too.

as for battery pack on the camera, I haven't had one on one of my professional level cameras yet, but I loved it when I had it on my T1i way back in the day. It make portrait photography fun I should look into another.