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Thanks for the replies guys. Good to know I can just use my standard iPod cable! Will give this guy his cable back tomorrow.

Couple other things I need your input on if possible. Tomorrow I'm heading back to the dealership. Basically here's the scoop, bear with me. When I received the car on Friday, my sales person was completely incompetent as far as any BMW product goes. This kid I'm talking about was explaining everything to me as far as the nav, settings etc while she stood there listening, heh. Stuff I could've figured out on my own, but you know, it's kinda nice to get guided a bit before you drive off the dealership.

I was so excited as I waited a couple weeks for this car to arrive, that I didn't bother to ask about setting up my Satellite radio before I drove off the lot. So, I asked the sales girl if I could set it up when I get home, she said yeah, I get a free year. I get home, the car has NO satellite radio installed.

I call the dealership immediately. They're basically apologizing, but at the same time insinuating that's the car I wanted, but super unsure about themselves. I said, I'm pretty sure I know what I wanted. Faxed them a copy of the sheet THEY gave me of the car I wanted from their vehicle locator. Saturday was pretty much me hearing what they were deciding, but given it was a holiday weekend I think the GM wasn't around as much.

So, I told them straight up on the phone, they are the most disorganized dealership I've come across with. On top of that, they didn't put a registration sticker on my car, didn't have my floor mats ready, or my cover that they were going to give me because the car was late as well. I told them they're really lacking in communication, and that I've been completely patient throughout the whole deal, and never gotten angry once.

We'll see what they try to pull off tomorrow, or if they're going to just make it right, and install the Satellite radio in my car and be done with it. We'll see. This dealership is also about a month old, and it's impressive that they're doing the opposite of what they should be doing to impress people. I mean shit, they asked me to fax them a copy of a copy they gave me of the car I wanted, then they said they didn't need it because they found the original. Makes you wonder, and the sales person I was dealing with, I don't know if she got fired because I haven't heard a word from her!

I know it's stupid on my part in a way I didn't check everything was there before driving off, but I explicitly told them what I wanted in the car, and I was insanely excited my baby was here. I have it in writing, and so do they, so I assume that's enough. Sorry, had to vent, any advice would be good. Thanks guys.

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