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Originally Posted by quagmire View Post
It's the exact same phone when it launched. The whole antennagate was majorly overblown. The 3G and 3GS, Nexus One, etc all exhibited signal drops when the antenna was covered and in an area where the signal isn't the greatest which can cause the bars to go down because when the db dropped, it went into the 3-4 bar range. At my house, it drops low enough to cause it to go to 3-4 bars. But at Nationals Park, the db's are still within the range of 5 bars.

In real usage for me, I never had a problem with it as I don't bear hug the phone when I hold it to talk.
I agree that antennagate was overblown, but I think most of that had to do with how Steve Jobs and Apple reacted, or failed to care, about the situation. Between the "don't hold it that way" (even after holding it exactly that way in their own demos and release) and "oops I guess we've been accidentally artificially inflating signal strength representation for years", they deserved all the negative press they could get IMO. Instead of alienating and annoying competitors, they now focused on alienating their own customer base. GG Apple.

And yes, the other phones do exhibit the same behavior when their antennas encounter a similar situation, but generally not to the degree that happened on the iPhone 4.

But yeah, OP, like quag said, it's the same thing as at launch.