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Thanks for the detailed feedback. Yes, by "latter", I also meant "both"--poor wording. I am not surprised that a high quality setup like this one will yield improvements on both fronts.

Another question: I found that SS line and Castrol fluid improved pedal feel/firmness significantly in the stock setup. What lines and fluid were you running with the stock system?
With the stock brakes I was running Stoptech stainless lines and Castrol SRF fluid . The AP Racing kits come with Goodridge lines and I still have two liters of SRF so that's what I'm using with them. I'm planning to stay with SRF so I only have to flush them once a year, and maybe bleed them once or twice.

In mid August, after two hard days at the track with 90-degree plus weather the brake pedal was still firm and at the top of its travel. I was going to bleed them and decided there was nothing to gain, so I didn't bother. They're that good.