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From reading your posts you clearly link terrorism with Islam, muslims and the middle east which is a lie. You also claim 90% of terrorist acts are to do with muslims. The human race has been around for thousands of years and do you even know how many wars took place on the land you live before it came what it became today?

Use your common sense. It's not like land was divided among men since the beginning of time. On the contrary there have been so many bloody wars and acts of terror in which land changed hands. For you to just tie Islam with terrorism and war is a ludicrous idea. The truth is ALL men fight for what they believe. It's the same fuckin reason you have Bush/Blair's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan today. It shows people will always kill but then try to justify it for whatever reason.

Just because you think you are right it doesnt mean you are right. Everyone thinks they are right. Similarly just because you say someone is wrong that doesnt mean they are, it's just your opinion.