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Originally Posted by ScottSinger View Post

Very interesting about the K1600, hmmmm, wonder what the wondering was all about.
The BMW forums initially told me it was normal and I was used to an 800lb lead sled, and the twitchiness was just a side effect of a bike that was also meant to go around curves. I think they changed the geometry or aerodynamics a bit from the GT and GTL (which were too tall to me) for the B. And it was fine at high speed on a back road, but on the highway, something was up. And with a passenger, which I do a fair amount of, it was worse.

Adventure street/off-road style bike I find more appealing then a cruiser or strict tourer.
A good friend of mine did a Saddlesore 1000 on a Hayabusa (1000mi in < 24 hours. I couldn't ride his bike longer than 15 minutes before back and wrist pain. You *can* tour on anything properly set up for you.

Best of luck
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