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I need some advice...

I currently have a 2001 330i Msport ZSP, and so far i have spent about $2000 on getting it running the way a true enthusiast wants it to run...

Here's my dilemma...

I want more power, in the means of a e46 ///M...i just dont want to get it and spend $1000's on repair work because id be in the same situation

i would just do a ESS supercharger on mine but its a AT, and i want a 6MT because i want to start going to the track every once in awile and have some fun, not like a immature kid though to try the be the cool kid with a fast car, i actually enjoy the drive, and the taking corners with precise stability etc...

The reason i want the ///M is because i really cant afford a 335 except for the early builds and i dont want to fool with the hpfp issues... and the ///M 333hp will be plenty, esp. if i add headers, exhaust, tune etc...

Im young and in college but make decent money and can afford a e46 ///M. but if it will be in the shop every other week ill be able to pay for it but have no money for anything else, but im also worried my current car is going to have future problems because the prior owner didnt do ANY maintenance work at all after the CPO ran out so there is no telling whats about to go...

Should I take my time and try to find a VERY well maintained M3, or just keep my current one and wait a few years, but what worries me about that is cars are going ECO-friendly(smaller forced injection motors), which i want raw power, maybe a HPF stage 1 in the future

Dont try to flame as im not set on anything just trying to get some objective POV's and see if my instict's are correct