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Originally Posted by AP Racing - Chris_B View Post
I don't have all the parts here at the moment to do a proper comparison. If someone has the Brembo weights, the AP numbers are easy to come by.

I do know the current Brembo caliper is a monoblock design, which means it could be a bit lighter. Of course being a monoblock, it will give up in stiffness to a proper 2-piece caliper design. Also, the pads are a bit easier to change on the AP caliper if that is a concern to you for track days. Pad choices are nearly unlimited.

AP's calipers have been benefiting recently by lessons learned in the development of their dominant Radi-Cal racing calipers. Many of the current road car caliper designs have been reviewed and updated. Some of these changes are nearly imperceptible, but nothing has been done that didn't result in a quantifiable improvement in stiffness or strength (or both).

sparkyg weighed his Brembo 365/345 kit.

365 mm slotted rotor 24.5 lbs

6 pot monobloc front caliper 12 lbs

front caliper bracket 2.0 lbs

345 mm slotted rotor 15 lbs

4 pot rear monobloc caliper 8 lbs

Rear caliper bracket 1.5 lbs

All weights measured on digital scale used for shipping so prob +- 0.5 lbs

I believe Tom@EAS weighed his AP kit and posted on, I will see if I can find it.

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