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Originally Posted by NYC M3 View Post
now im looking at the dunlop sp winter 3d tires. Would 235/35/19 front 255.35.19 rear be ok ? or is bigger better ?
I literally have that exact setup on my 220's. snow performance is amazing - it is like driving a tractor and can get me through just about anything until clearance is an issue, and even then I've made it through some deep snow. however, if I had to do it again, I would go with either stock (245/265) or stock-plus (255/275) sizing purely for the cosmetics. Sure the performance wonít be quite as good in deep snow as the skinnier setup like I have (235/255), but they will look much better. The detrimental appearance of slightly shorter and slightly skinnier tires are easy to notice for guys like us that troll these forums. Unless you lived in a remote area of Canada thatís not always plowed and depended on your M3 every day, you can afford to give up the minor difference in performance. Snow tires make such an incredible difference in any size. Youíll be fine Ė my suggestion is to go for 245 in front and 265 in rear.