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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Well in that case you probably need to spend an additional 30k on the STI so that the interior quality is on par with the M3. Lets face it when you buy the M3 you aren't paying 70k just for performance. There's a balance between luxury and performance. The inside of the STI is about as nice as an enterprise rental car. Not knocking it, but those are the facts.
No doupt about it , the interior of the STI is far from BMW quality , especially a M3 ! What I meant was that the STI and M3 are both build with the same philosophy(pretty much same balance between luxury and performance) but with big difference in budget so no one should expect the STI to perform as much as the M3! But for someone who would prefer more performance then luxury , the STI would be a good platform to start with cause it can easily outperform a stock M3 for a lot less money and still be a good daily driver ! Personnally I love my M3 , but if I did'nt had the budget for it , the STI would probably be my choice for a trackable daily driver , instead of a Mustang for exemple ! In fact , no , it would be a B8 S4 that I would buy , back in 08 when I bought my 09 STI there was not that option but now it's an easy choice between those two !!