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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post

However, the conclusion that for each gear there is one speed at which you get maximum in gear acceleration follows directly from statement #2 not #1 .
Hmm, ok.

In any case, speed is a necessary side effect of acceleration, so when accelerating, the constraint "any given speed" will cover every speed from where you start accelerating until where you stop accelerating. My point in stating (what I suppose is obvious) is that, for me, it makes the most sense to think about power at speed and then pick the right gear to achieve the best result for your current speed. I.e. you don't do the opposite - pick a gear hoping to get to that perfect RPM to achieve the best acceleration for that particular gear.

I.e. this part:

" do not downshift for more engine torque, you downshift for more engine power which in turn means maximizing wheel torque."

Is what is most important.
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