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Originally Posted by Hujan View Post
Great review. The GT4 sounds like a wonderful car and yours is beautiful. At the same time, your review made me feel good about my heavily modified E92 M3. Everybody wins!

Also, your review has left me wondering how amazing it would be to drop an S65 in a GT4. Perfect car at that point?
Ha! Most people are wishing they could shoehorn the 991 GT3's engine in there, but yeah an S65-powered GT4 would be amazing. As a kid I was actually never a fan of the flat 6 sound, but it definitely started growing on me when I started tracking and it sounds especially good in the GT4, but like I said a high-revving NA V8 is something really special. But from a practical standpoint, even if it magically fit, it would become impossible to work on. Porsche designs their engines so that basically all the parts you would need to work on are accessible from either underneath the car or from the front (through an access hatch behind the seats).

Originally Posted by 8k4 View Post
Fantastic review, thank you for that. For a car released 8 years ago, such as the M3, to compare so favorably to modern track oriented Porsche is testament to how good the M3 was. The current market price for the M also makes it an unbelievable value. With all the modifications available it also also can be a true monster. I would have loved to see you compare an E92 M with KW Clubsports, Ohlins, or the like, SSK, front and rear Stoptech Trophies, larger tires.

A friend has the following done to their M, I can arrange for you to drive it as a comparison when you come out west

VF650 (custom tune)
Smaller pulley
ARH header system
Borla ATaK catback
Stoptech Trophy BBK
Trunk ice tank
CSF radiator
CSF intercooler
CSF oil cooler
Delrin diff mounts
Solid subframe
KW Clubsport
Apex Arc8
Yoko AD08
Braille lithium 6lb battery
Rear seat delete (custom foam panels)
M Performance Steering wheel
Mode Carbon lip (arguable if it provides additional aero)
M spoiler (arguable if it provides additional aero)
It's funny that you mention this, because I've thought about the same thing based on my experience. My instructor mentor runs a reasonably heavily modified E36 M3 (springs, shocks, sway bars, upsized front tires, camber plates, track-only alignment, exhaust, tune), and as a result of all that plus of course having a much lighter car, in an M3 two generations and ~15 years older than my E92, he was able to carry MUCH more speed through certain segments of CotA than I was, most notably T6 and the carousel. I'm sure if I'd done all those mods on my E92 I'd have opened most of that gap back up on him, but then again he doesn't DD his car, and having driven it on the road myself I can definitely see why. I wanted to keep my E92 DDable. Now in the GT4 I can walk away from him no problem while it remains civilized on the road, but of course I've got 20 years of suspension technology making that possible. But yes, once you start modding a car specifically for the track without much regard for road manners, you can make them competitive with much newer stock machinery at least in the corners. Still, even with an E92 modified enough to achieve lap times comparable to a stock(-ish) GT4, my guess is that it still won't feel as tossable because of the weight differential (even if its interior was stripped out) and the mid-engine layout. Cars that achieve similar lap times can feel very different in how they do it -- but then again maybe I'd love some aspect about the heavily modified M3 that isn't true of the stock GT4!

As for your offer, a supercharged E9x M3 has also been one of my bucket list cars to try out, and one that heavily modified I'm sure would elevate even that experience to a new level, but typically I'm only out west visiting family around Christmas in San Francisco. But I do appreciate it though!
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