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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
We need more people like yourself on this thread.

Just to point out - the comparison can only be really done on setups where the overall efficiency of the system is similar.
Just a quick example - put the air filter at the back of an ESS kit and leave it open. Watch how the efficiency of the setup (not the Vortech) just takes a nose dive.
Put a HS Marstons 3000 intercooler on our Rotrex kit - see the efficiency go up.
Put a truck core in the place of our curent intercooler core - see it nose dive. More boost but less power because of the core quality rejecting too much heat.
Take the ESS kit and change the charge cooler core a really poor one with a high pressure and high heat rejection - you see the efficiency drop. Less boost and even less HP.

I hope people are beginning to understand what I am talking about now.

The C38-91 on the S65 comparison shows more HP being generated upto the red line. If it producing more HP at the same RPM's it is producing more torque.
I can post or send you the power vs torque graph of the same examples.

The very reason that one compressor behaves better in different situations is the reason we don't care about which blower we use. If we find an ASA (523) or Vortech to be better on really low compression engines then so be it, we will use it. It's pretty common knowledge now that the Vortech bracket/belt drive is already developed by us.
Not sure where you come up with your data Sal but like usual it is extreamly flawed. Filter placement makes 0 difference on our kit outside of heat. We have tested filter placement during development of our kit, with or without or mounted directly behind the blower and it made no difference in efficiency. Final placement had to do with access to fresh air. Your comment on swapping cooling cores is at best laughable. Our aftercooler core is an original Garrett core designed for 1000 HP. The front mount heat exchanger is a OEM Porsche heat exchanger. Intercooler pump is the same you will find in a Mercedes 55 AMG.

For someone who is selling his first supercharger system and someone who did not engineer the kit he is selling you sure come across like an expert on FI. Any R&D and testing you claim to have done on your kit was done by TTS. You and I both know this. Im not sure why you continue to pretend that you engineered the kit you are selling I would stick to reselling stuff others develop for you with your added mark up and spend less time trying to talk down about other vendors products who happen to do their own development and R&D.

Does this manifold look familiar? It should it the TTS Audi manifold that for some reason looks exactly like your M3 manifold. I guess if you swap the TTS logo with Evolve you can take credit for their development on this kit also.

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