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Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
Thanks for the replies,

Quick question for you, are you guys planning on coming out with a Short Shifter Kit for the E9x M3?
We use AutoSolutions short shifter kits as a rule. I am hopeful we will see a kit very soon.

Originally Posted by mvagusta View Post
these guy's want your business and thay care about how thay are being judged on there product'ssThay don't have to do this on this board.. The reason why is thay really care on what we think....And i don't think that we would make them rich on buying pulley's.. I needed to say something because i own a business and i can understand on what there doing...When your heart is set on something that you like doing it really show's...Brad your good... I'll be buying... I bought your bumper markers and thay were perfect... thank's...
Thanks! It is great to see people that understand!

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Thanks for the answers Brad.

I am not saying BMW engineers are maximizing performance at all costs. Actually, that's why I mentioned "trade-off". They are maximizing performance against competing criteria such as emissions, durability, everyday drivability, etc.

What I am taking away from your answer is that the car might run into some cooling and charging issues if it is operated at low rpms for an extended period of time.

One last question: have you taken an E9X M3 equiped with your product to the track? If you did, what oil temp did it reach after about 25 minutes of hard driving? I am still trying to understand why cooling would not be an issue even at higher vehicle/engine speeds if the car is pushed really hard. It's not as if the stock setup simply stays pinned at 210 degrees. Mine was running at around 255 on a tight track with a relatively short straight. So, why would under-driving the water pump not result in less cooling in those conditions? Are you saying that the water pump cativates at those engine speeds and does not function optimally in the stock setup to begin with so slowing it down doesn't result in less cooling at high revs?
Well this last weekend at Buttonwillow, 3 stock cars went into limp due to oil temps too high - and these are stock cars. I have not done any data logging further then that on track.

However, YES, BMW engineers the water pump to have an the most effective range at lower RPM. So on track, you very easily could have a cavitation issue. This is the case on every other modern BMW we have data-logged. We will be data-logging on the e92 shortly.

Cavitation has nothing to do with straights or turns, it has only to do with RPM.

Are you saying that the water pump cativates at those engine speeds and does not function optimally in the stock setup to begin with so slowing it down doesn't result in less cooling at high revs?
Yes, exactly. Again, this has been the case on every other prior modern M car (e36, e46, e39, e60). We will be data-logging an e92 as soon as possible, but I would expect it to be the same.

Originally Posted by ChitownM3 View Post
I think I'll be adding this mod to my list sometime next year. Cheap horsepower, I'm all for it!

Originally Posted by CatchM3 View Post
good responses. I'll be placing an order soon

Originally Posted by nd54 View Post
I accept the challenge Brad. I will fly down to Southern California to do the test. However the following conditions must be met by your company:

1. We use my car, which is in Socal right now. It is completely stock, a software flash may have been done but I can have the ecu flashed back to stock.
2. We use a shop of my choice, with a dyno I choose. This will be a neutral location for both of us.
3. You can supply the pulley kit, however none of your staff is allowed to install the kit or be anywhere near the dyno for the duration of the test.

The wager remains the same. If there is indeed a 21bhp gain I will issue an apology and pay for the trip, dyno costs, install etc... If the gain is less than 21bhp your company will pay for the installation and removal, dyno testing, my hotel and flights. Let me know so I can make flight arrangements and book some time off.
OK, but if you are serious, then email or PM me. Your conditions are not acceptable as is.

1. your car is fine.
2. as long as it is a dyno-jet 248c (same dyno to see same results) and is not a competitor (must remove bias) - we must agree on the shop
3. why would I allow something to be installed by someone that may or may not know what they are doing? How would us installing the kit lead to any artificial gain? This is just a silly point.
4. The results must be within a range of +/- some percentage. Every car is not exactly the same. That is why we show REAL results on a car, and in fact I will have dyno runs soon from two other nationally known BMW shops on the east coast (Turner and BimmerWorld - where you can also buy this kit from). Just like with software (you said your car may have software), did you get the exact gains they claim? Typically there is a 10-20% variance from car to car (sometimes more). This is well documented by everyone in the industry from BMW to the entry-level tuner.

Again, if you are serious, then I am 100% a go, I would not make a challenge that we were not up for. We just need to agree to conditions that do not set us up to fail. I am a bit smarter then that.

Thanks everyone (well almost everyone, j/k)!