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Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
I have those too. I actually have 5 different chargers. I always encounter three problems

1. I forget them
2. I don't have a micro USB or lightning cable around
3. They aren't charged

Most people ALWAYS carry three items with them: Mobile phone, wallet and keys.

Trying to make it as bulletproof as possible to have some sort of charge whenever you need it
I agree, it's another thing you have to carry around with you. So let's focus on the mobile phone, the wallet and the keys.

1) keys: I'm a guy, so I put my keys in my pocket. This is easy to do when you wear jeans, but not when you're wearing your Tom Ford tuxedo. So I keep my keys to a bare minimum: my BMW fob, and my house key. Adding a battery on top of that, that is able to charge a phone. That's going to be at least the size of another fob, right? And if you want to have a cable attached to it so that I can charge my phone, will that make it even bulkier? The whole thought behind it is that I'll be on the go, and that I need to charge my phone. Will I have to hold it in my hand when I'm walking so that I can connect my phone to the keychain charger? What will that look like?

2) wallet: I suppose one could have an ultra-slim battery in the format of a credit card, right? That, coupled with a very flat version of a lightning cable. I can see that working. But then you still have the problem of being mobile and having to run a cable from your pocket that has the wallet to the pocket that has your phone.

3) phone: I think this is still your best bet to focus on. If it's somehow integrated into the phone, it's not yet *another* thing we have to put in our pockets. Most people have a cover, so make it the slimmest battery cover that will give you a 25%-50% emergency boost on your battery life. That can be done with something as small as a 1,000 mah battery, right?