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Originally Posted by twoturboz View Post
I'm not sure if this is in other states, or in all states, or just in California - But it pisses me off.

So I'm interested in preordering the new Droid X.... they've got it at best buy for 199 w/ a contract. Nice- I've had my Alias for a few years now and I want to jump over to a nice smart phone.

What I forgot is that you've got to pay sales tax based on the fucking RETAIL price of the phone, which is like 550 bucks!

So basically, I'm paying ~60 bucks worth of tax for a 200 dollar phone? The fuck? Who the hell pays retail for a phone these days anyways? It really pisses me off I'm gunna have to pay over 25 fucking percent tax for some shitty motorola phone made in a goddamn sweatshop!

I mean, if I walked into a car dealer, and they said "Hey welcome to XXX BMW, your lease is up, lets get you into a new car!" And I find one for 40K and they sell it to me for 30K, wouldn't most people consider it piracy for the state to charge sales tax based on the MSRP? fuckers.
you just don't understand how this shit works, you are not really buying the phone for $200, it's still $600. The difference is ATT is paying the $400 for you, so the supplier is still getting $600 for the phone. Which means a taxable event still occurred at $600 and that tax has to be paid, and unfortunately, it's you. and you are not really getting a deal, because ATT will make more than $400 back in the 2 years of contract plan price you pay vs non contract price. In other words, it's better to just buy the phone for full retail and get on the non contract plans.

Getting it at bestbuy is rip also, because you can walk in any Asian phone store and negotiate with them. I can prob get the Droid X for FREE and no tax, because the indie stores get a big cut from ATT for bring your business and they use part of that money to pay the $260 something for you to fight for business. At least that's how it worked before with ATT, but I've been with Tmobile since the Iphone came out, so I dunno, but T-mobile is still like that tho.