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Very simple:

You are paying $200
but ATT is paying the remaning $400
however, in the ATT contract, if I'm not mistaken, it mentions to not pay the tax, but have the consumer pay it

Paying tax on the retail price in CA has been going on for some time now.

buy a BB for 130 at T mobile, but you end up paying a $40 tax

it's just how this state works

tax is at 9.75, or higher in some areas. It's the "sunshine state"
I'm surprised you're surprised to be taxed...
prices go up, taxes go up, wages stay the same/decrease/disappear
not everything is fair

would you rather pay $660 for the iPhone instead of $260?

when the iPhone 2G came out 3+ years ago, you had to pay $500/600 PLUS sign a 2 year contract with ATT
soooo which is more fair? 260 or 660?
Be happy ATT is giving you such a high rebate