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Originally Posted by carve View Post
1) Bobble: that sounds like kind of a bad deal to me.
Elaborate please.

I've owned for 4 years, paid 22K cash. I get a week or two depending on how I use it anywhere for free. Took the whole family to Maui 2 years ago, check out how much it costs to rent a condo there for a week that sleeps 8 multiply that by let's say 20 years. Which is cheaper in the long run? remember this is a deedable real property, it's in my will going to my kids and I can give it to anyone I want as such.
Yes you do need to plan but we are planners so that's no big deal. I'm self employed so it's actually easier for me to tell clients the beginning of each year not available these weeks do not ask.
And like I said even if I we decide we do not want to use some of the time I transfer it to hotel time and can go anywhere anytime no planning needed just an available room, example was Paris as a birthday gift for my girlfriend.
Honestly we used to drop 7K a year easy for vacation and now it's all prepaid. You just need to be very careful and not get sucked into the traditional a week same week same place crap.
I do the presentations all the time for free crap, just got two ticket American Airlines anywhere continental US for sitting thru a presentation for 90 minutes. At the end I said no, they persisted for about 10 minutes and finally gave up and gave me my voucher. Gave the voucher to my daughter as she has an interview for a doctoral program at UW next month.