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Originally Posted by VMcV3y View Post
Someone wrote on this forum once that the M3 wasn't the chick magnet he expected, but was instead a dick magnet.

I've found that it's also an asshole magnet when it comes to parking anywhere, and when cruising-along a highway at-speed.

We would be giving too much credence to people's intelligence capability by thinking most of them intentionally drive out there to piss off anyone. I tend to believe that most North American drivers suffer from an affliction called "don't have a clue." This scenario means they see a flashy shiny object parked somewhere in the back of the parking lot and just gravitate over to it (versus a trash can or a light pole).

These are the same idiots that do "echo driving" [my term] on the freeway next to you. Scenario:
  • you're driving along in the right lane at 65 mph in a 60 zone.
  • you catch up to a car in the right lane driving 60.
  • you signal a lane change, get over to the left, and begin to overtake.
  • the car speeds up to 65 mph when you're beside it.
  • you speed up to 70 mph.
  • the car speeds up to 70 mph.
  • you speed up to 73 mph....and then see a police car going the other way.
  • slow to 65, don't get a ticket, and throw a evil look at that car.... which is now beside you again.

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"echo driving"... love it!

I also feel like my car has honey on it. No matter how much I try to isolate it, and therefore reduce my chances for door dings, I always find some jackass parked next to me. Usually a lowered 97' integra with fluorescent paint on the wheels or similar...

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