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Originally Posted by Jopa201 View Post
So about an hours ago 10 pm central time I was leaving target. I parked my car far far away where I was hoping nobody would park there and have to walk a mile in the freezing cold to get to the store.
As I'm leaving a see a van parked next to my car with window down, with the van still running and the guy inside smoking a cig.He parked super close to my door where I had to squize in and just watched me get in. Do people have nothing better to do then provoke people

Someone wrote on this forum once that the M3 wasn't the chick magnet he expected, but was instead a dick magnet.

I've found that it's also an asshole magnet when it comes to parking anywhere, and when cruising-along a highway at-speed.

We would be giving too much credence to people's intelligence capability by thinking most of them intentionally drive out there to piss off anyone. I tend to believe that most North American drivers suffer from an affliction called "don't have a clue." This scenario means they see a flashy shiny object parked somewhere in the back of the parking lot and just gravitate over to it (versus a trash can or a light pole).

These are the same idiots that do "echo driving" [my term] on the freeway next to you. Scenario:
  • you're driving along in the right lane at 65 mph in a 60 zone.
  • you catch up to a car in the right lane driving 60.
  • you signal a lane change, get over to the left, and begin to overtake.
  • the car speeds up to 65 mph when you're beside it.
  • you speed up to 70 mph.
  • the car speeds up to 70 mph.
  • you speed up to 73 mph....and then see a police car going the other way.
  • slow to 65, don't get a ticket, and throw a evil look at that car.... which is now beside you again.

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