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Originally Posted by NikB316
I actually have only had this car since September. Bought it with 12k miles and now am over 29k. The M3 is one of the best daily drivers, period. When I was driving 1k-1500 miles a month I wouldn't even think about going with anything else. In fact, I came back to the M3 after having a couple higher end cars. The M3 feels special and maybe I'll come back to one when looking for a second car some day.

My "history" of cars starting from back in 2004:
- '04 G35 Coupe
- '07 335xi
- '08 m3
- '08 Bentley GT
- '10 Carrera C4S Cab
- '11 s/c M3

Before people chime in with the "did your parents buy those?". Just took care of the G coupe as I was in high school.

Anyway, I have had a good amount of BMWs and maybe a change would be nice. My commute has changed a lot and although I love the DCT, it is definitely less important now a days with my highway driving. My commute will only grow so comfort is a big factor. I would love massaging seats & 600whp lol. I think I'll have to just wait until I can drive the new E63 and get a better drive in the F10 M5. M cars just have a special feeling to them. AWD is a plus as I work 365 days a year and I wouldn't have to get a winter car.
that's pretty crazy, I've had the same first three cars as you, on the m3 currently, wonder if I'll have a Bentley next, lol. it's sounds like comfort is a big factor for you, I'm a bimmer guy all the way, how bout goin with a 650 gran coupe, im sure you be able to get one nicely optioned out and the tuning potential is there plus it'll be more comfortable than a aggressively tuned m car. Or go straight to the m6 gran coupe, such a beautiful car.