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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
No comments on the 'meat' of my previous posts?

I agree this speech is and will be beaten to death. It is my assertion that everyone is arguing about the wrong part of the speech. His message goes against the ideas that built this country. I don't care about the part all the spinsters want us to be outraged about, I'm capable of listening and forming my own opinions.
He's an intelligent guy running for reelection, he's absolutely not going against the "ideas that built this country".

Let's try this: I'll give you the obvious motive, you tell me why you don't accept it. The speech targets small business owners (or perhaps just their concern), who clamor for less taxes & less govt. Obama explains why these entrepreneurs need what govt provides, and how public education gave them the knowledge to become smart and enable their success. In short, even business owners need govt. That's it. He never says "you didn't build your business", he was talking about roads.