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Originally Posted by CSBM5
Those who continue to use tires with tread splices that are compromised while simply saying "nothing has happened yet" is not a valid solution for most HPDE programs or track events. You are choosing to put yourself and all those around you on track at increased risk, a risk that is known but with a widely variable range of occurrence. It's similar to loading a member of a structure beyond its yield point (resulting in unseen minor plastic deformation), hearing engineers warning you not to do so, observing that the structure is "still standing and working 'fine'", and therefore continue loading that structure in the same manner.

At least in this case of the tread splice gaping open, if the worst case risks are realized, the failure analysis will be simple. Note that you will most likely be liable for the outcome, legally, especially since you chose to continue to use the tire in the degrading condition. Simply getting on track with most programs will require hiding the tire's condition from tech inspectors. I can't fathom getting into a student's car with said student knowing of an impending tread splice failure but who has decided not to worry about it since "nothing has happened yet."
Agreed on the safety issue. My splice has grown across the whole tread and is no longer just cosmetic. Turns out America's tire is the same company as discount tire so I will be taking it in locally for replacement. Hopefully nitto will work with me on mounting and shaving fees in the interest of customer service for someone who has used probably 20 sets of these things.