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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
That's absolutely true, but wearing proper restraints (whether OEM 3-point or race harnesses) will increase driver/passenger safety so this does not happen. This was intended for race use as stated in the opening post.

Vehicle occupants (as well as the driver) have to follow proper safety steps, the module cannot do this for you.
I understand that. I was just curious as to why it was deemed necessary to disable only the passenger airbag given the driver and the passenger are in exactly the same situation. It is a bit odd that the designers of this module see a problem with the passenger potentially not securing his/her belt and turn off the passenger airbag to manage that possibility, but don't see a problem with the driver potentially doing the same thing. That's why I was wondering if I missed something. Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

This doesn't seem to be for me because it means if you are using the stock 3-point system, you can't have a passenger in the car--on or off the track; I wouldn't want my passenger to rely on the 3-point belt without a front facing airbag. If they had left the passenger side dash airbag alone (active), I would have gone for it. Or, maybe that was the only way they could make things work? Switching to harnesses would make that a mute point, but I don't plan to do that with this car. Too bad...