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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
Cool, thanks for the reply. I will look into All The Whey. Bleh. I have the documents scanned that I printed out of my diet (for health class project) that shows how many cals, protein, etc, that I am getting. I've been meaning to talk to you for a while about some stuff. Just been busy as hell. I wouldn't be using this shake as a meal replacement just as extra calories/protein/carbs.

Ok I decided to upload what I eat virtually every day. Some things aren't on here like olive oil that I put on my brown rice or that sometimes I have blackbeans and corn instead of sweetpotato, or that I have peanut butter during the day also. Also some of the items listed are not exactly what I eat, I had to choose as closely as possible from a database of food items. I'm pretty sure that sodium number is off too. If it matters, I am 5'7" @ 140ish lbs.
Wait... so you are 5'7", 140lbs, and not gaining on a 4kcal diet?!? Your ratio of Pro/Cho/Fat looks good... The protein is a little on the high side... you can drop that to as low as 1g/lb and it would still be more than adequate. Your Fat intake is pretty high for your weight, but its still around 30% of your cals on a 4k diet so that's fine as well. Is your activity level through the roof (ie. are you a runner or a cyclist or something)?

In any case, I think that your diet looks good if in fact you do need 4k in cals per day. Check out this link... plug in your stats according to your activity level and metabolism and find out what your BMR is. Add 500 cals to that and its where you should be at...

Again, your diet looks squeeky clean, and from just glancing at it I wouldn't say that you were at 4kcal with that food since there really aren't any cal dense carbs/grains on there aside from the pasta. Are you currently gaining on this diet?
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