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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
Lately the two brands that I've been using are All The Whey (I bought 30lbs of it when it was on sale) for isolate, and Gaspari Myofusion for a blend. Both of them have good profiles on them, they taste great, and most importantly I got them for a good price. I know that almost everyone uses ON, but honestly the ingredients are nothing special, and for the price most of their flavors taste like crap. Cinnamon Bun and Cup Cake Batter All The Whey are excellent, and all of the myofusion flavors are very good as well.

I really don't make my own gainers anymore since I prefer to eat food instead (I'd rather chew my cals than drink them ), but the amounts that you would use of each ingredient depends upon the rest of your diet and how many cals you need for the day. Assuming that you are just using them as a meal replacement and want around 500 cals then I would go with a scoop to a scoop and a half of whey, a cup of oats, and a tbsp of PB. If you need more cals, add more PB, or use milk instead of water. Again, it depends on your caloric intake for the day, and the rest of your diet as there is no set in stone recipe for a weight gainer.
No way man. Chocolate Mint is my favorite. I've been drinking that since my college days when it debuted.