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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
This was true ten years ago, but take a look at the Velostar, or the Genesis coupe. I'd say that the Koreans have advanced their game a heck of a lot further over the last decade than the Germans, who collectively have taken a step back. Even with the recent price slashing at VW/Audi, I'd say that a similarly priced Korean car offers significantly higher quality materials and dare I say, engineering.

When Lexus and Infiniti launched, MB and BMW took forever to respond, it seems that VW might not make the same mistake with Hyundai/Kia.
I can tell you for 100% Professional fact that no Korean car is engineered better then a german car. What everyone is so impressed by is a precieved quality and a bunch of electronic gizmos at a low cost. A rattle has so little to do with a cars level of engineering. Take a Hyundai Equus completely apart and examine exactly how it is built and the materials it is built from and it becomes very clear why it is able to be sold for such a cheap price. It is shit. Not even on par with a VW Golf, let alone a Lexus LS, or 7 series as Hyundai wants you to believe. I say give it 10 years, people will see what kind of cars the South Koreans really produce.