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I still think we're facing an uphill battle with UK dealers regarding the DCT lag issue and the software update.

I phoned my local dealer yesterday to book the update. She put my car reg into the computer and told me confidently that there are no updates due for my car.

So I pointed out that I 'know' there is a fix for this issue, and it requries a software update. She asked if I'd found this on the 'internet forums'. I said I had and also that a friend was booked in to have his updated at the same dealership! Ah, the penny dropped, "you haven't been talking to Mr xxx (Phoenix21st) by any chance?" I said "yes, and he's having his car updated at your dealership tomorrow and I want the same update, please".

In the end I was told,... "let's see how it goes with Phoenix21st update and then we can call you next week to arrange to book your car in".

All of this and the other UK posts above don't give a comfortable feeling that UK dealers 'know' enough about the issue and the fix (perhaps apart from Sytner, High Wycombe, re: Darren's comment... but that's a long drive for me!).
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