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lol, you guys are too hard on Wade. yes, he had some boneheaded turnovers that could have lost a couple of games. but washed up? trade him?? Wade to Miami is like Kobe to LA...not saying a trade couldn't happen, but very unlikely given that he IS the Heat franchise to so many fans down here

Wade is averaging about 23/5/5 with almost two steals and a block in the playoffs, and in the Finals. his turnovers in these playoffs are actually below his career average. i'm not arguing that he could have lost a couple of games for the Heat, but he won a couple of games in Indiana and at least one against Boston with late game heroics as well.

yeah, he's not scoring as much, but that's the sacrifice he's made to get Lebron into continual beast mode. also, his opponents know they can't completely sell out to stop Lebron, so they are all game planning specifically against him...and to his credit he isn't forcing things too much. what more could you want from him that doesn't ruin what the team is trying to accomplish? other than stopping the ill-timed turnovers, of course hehe