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Originally Posted by IFX View Post
Eh, it's a combination of that as well as engineering imo..

Just look at the S54, who woulda thought a couple more years out of warranty period bolts would be falling out in the motor causing catastrophic failure?
This and the e46s subframe failures does make you pause and question BMW engineering

and the e9x M3 is no different..e.g. weak points on the M3s use of rubber mounts to mount the rear diff to the rear subframe has sheered bolts and ripped the diff off the subframe...extreme but I know 2 personally who have had it..BOTH case guys were launching the car regularly.

IMO its not engineering but rather striking a balance between somewhat comfortable driveabilty and performance..BMW could easily use solid mounts but then NVH would be increased..its a real balancing act..

Driving the car within its limits will help prolong reliabilty