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I am glad that they did not take out things like badges to save weight. Porsche does that and puts stickers instead. I think it is a mistake.

And I think that porsche can create all these 911 variants and use CF because they charge so much and over price these cars. Plus, they charge for a lot of features that should be standard.

Ex. MDM vs. Sport Chrono
-you just need EDC to get MDM. 1k

-you need PASM. 2k (standard on s model)
-sport chrono. 1k (Manual) or 1.5k (PDK)

So porsche charges you 3.5k for a feature that is analogous to MDM, which is only 1k. That is how porsche makes money and is able to release all these special variants. Plus they charge for a lot of options that should be standard. Things like color crest wheels, LSD, and paddle shifters. Geez, talk about being nickeled and dimed.

And most importantly, I think it has to do with branding and prestige and heritage. People will pay 150k-200k for a porsche and there is a market for these special variants. Unfortunately, I don't know many people who would pay that much for a BMW.