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Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
He is the closer. It is HIS job to do these things, he's done them before.

The fadeaway he was clearly fouled. Even Wade said so himself.

Again, there are two sides of the court but fans often only point to the offensive side. I think we should agree to disagree here because we are just going in circles.
Where did Wade admit he fouled Kobe?

The Lakers need to shut up and play. Stop worrying about other teams. Phil Jackson been talking shit all season about the Heat. Criticizing Spoelstra. Then last week said basketball is not for kids (referring to them crying) and then yesterday said he doesn't like how the Heat plays. Ron artest went on NBA TV to talk shit about them crying last week also.

Seems like all that shit talking bit them in the ass because the Heat swepted the Laker. The only top 5 team in the NBA they only beat...