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Originally Posted by FStop7 View Post
If all killing is wrong then how are you alive? You eat, don't you? And don't tell me you're a vegan, because plants are also alive. So either you're kidding around or you're a hypocrite.

Wait a second, you drive an E92 335i? Your car is full of fucking leather! So you're calling Canadians who hunt seals murderers while you drive around in a car slathered in cow skin? If you're not joking then you are an Ass Clown Type-R Award candidate.

I am a vegan as I have already stated in this thread. I was referring to killing people and animals, you know, creatures with thoughts and feelings who can feel pain.

And in this thread, which you obviously didnt read, I already stated that getting a car with leather was wrong. Just like killing baby seals is wrong.

Seems like you have some issues you need to work out.