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Originally Posted by Projectile View Post
1. I LOVE the relentless acceleration the DCT offers - no loss of forward momentum with gear changes. Puts a huge smile on my face every time.

2. I LOVE that the car is never unsettled during shifts.
I have said before that I wish we could combine S4/S5 blipped downshifts with S1/S2 perfectly smooth upchanges. If you use S4/S5, the thump on full throttle upshifts can upset the car. I have never understood why BMW have chosen to engineer in this artificial thump until reading this thread. Now I see that quite a few people really like the thump. On the downshifts, the blipped ones are perfect for track use, but the harsh upshifts are too high a price to pay in order to get the perfect downshifts, in my opinion.

Currently, I am compromising by using S1, and using Heel and Toe for smoother downshifts - this seems a ridiculous compromise with such a sophisticated transmission, but it works. In a couple of days I am getting my third software update to ISTA/P 37.2, because I read on this forum that it reduces the harshness of the S4/S5 upchanges. (First software update got rid of the not down-changing under heavy braking fault, second update got rid of the 'lag' - both done under warranty. This update I am paying for, quoted 120 ($180) because there is no specific fault to deal with.)

I love driving a manual, but in spite of the software updates I am delighted I chose DCT. I consider the DCT to be a genius transmission, and as others have said I also consider that it suits the character of the car well. If you want the ultimate touchy-feely driving sensation, then the M3 is probably not the car to give it to you whichever transmission you choose.