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Why I chose a 6MT (in order of importance)

1. Inertia (I've always had MTs)

2. I suck at driving automatics, when I rent a car I quite often do a "phantom" de-clutch when stopping resulting in me hitting the brake pedal with my braking foot as well as my clutch foot, resulting in unintended rapid deceleration and my passengers thinking I'm an idiot.

3. $3900 savings, invested in new wheels.

4. Reduced weight. In my opinion while it is awesome, the car feels heavy enough already.

4. Numerous threads on this site complaining about major issues with DCT and at the time they were not being improved by software upgrades.

5.Don't want my wife to drive my car (an M3 should not be driven as slow as she drives IMO).

6. Could not get a test drive in a DCT M3. Did test drive a TC-SST Mitsubishi Evo 10, did not like the experience. One thing I found there was a lag between pressing the throttle from a stop or crawl to starting to accelerate which could have been dangerous in a merging situation. I don't know if this is similar to DCT lag posted on this forum but concerning.

7. I have never felt the slightest inconvenience driving an MT in traffic thus no traffic argument for me to get DCT.

8. I don't want my descendants to start evolving without a left leg.

Reasons I have considered DCT/Regretted not getting DCT.

1. In car footage of F1 racers pounding a semi-auto gearbox.

2. Better option for me as a newbie at the track. No need to worry about the Money Shift.

3. Superior performance option.

4. would not have got sea sick when I let my wife's cousin drive the car, he could not figure the clutch out at all.
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