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***Evasive Motorsports Advan RS***

Advan RS
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Advan RS - 19x8.5 / +32 / 5x120 (Hyper Silver)
Advan RS - 19x9.5 / +35 / 5x120 (Hyper Silver)

ADVAN Racing RS (RS stands for Racing Sports), 10-spoke wheel, with its dauntless design excellence. This is the first over flange spoke, the first in the brand. It is the twin flange design, and narrow and more tight. The center circle is small, and spokes themselves are thin, too. The profile is curved and dips into the center. It is the exactly same light weight as the RGII, while ensuring the same tensile strength and rigidity.

This ADVAN Racing RS was reproduced as a 10-spoke wheel based on the concept of motor sports or tuning use.
Large diameter spoke designs continue to project an image of vigor, in this case, with the first over-flange spokes in this brand lineup. The twin flange design shows the spokes extending over the flange, each one narrow for a very tight look. The center circle is designed as small as possible, which contributes to the extended length of the spokes. The spokes themselves are slim, and their edges have only the slightest rounding, which contributes to the keen, sharp image. Of course, the spokes curve sinuously down toward the center in this RS version, too, and give the wheel an overall sense of dynamism. The swoop down toward the center has two types, the same as the RGII. The only difference is in the degree of dip, ensuring a common image.
And like the RGII, the ADVAN Racing logo appears on the rim between the spokes. The logotype is more than 1mm height, cast into the rim and finished with a three-dimensional cutting machine, so the painted portion contrasts clearly with the background (except for bright chrome models).

The 10-spoke RS boasts a large logo, differentiating ADVAN and Racing, because the space between spokes is narrower than on the RGII. The RS logo decal is printed on the outer surface of the spokes, using thermal transfer process, adding a bolder accent to the RS, which has a sharp image.
Adoption of the rim flow forming process adds stiffness and rigidity while making the rim even thinner. That, in combination with the 10-spoke form which makes it easier to get stiffness of the disk, ensures light weight, the same as the RGII.

- Large-diameter one-piece wheel with over flange, 10-spoke design
- Flow-formed inner rim greatly decreases weight and boosts high-tensile strength.
- A 1mm ADVAN Racing logo is cast between spokes on the rim, finished with two cutting processes after coating. (except for Bright Chrome)
- The logo is printed on the spoke by thermal transfer
- The GTR design features billowy spokes dipping toward the center of the wheel


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