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Just a tip 95% of the kids you see driving expensive cars around with the windows down driving like a tard, that is not their primary driving car. One of the reasons why I went to a 328i from my M3 (besides warranty running out and mechanical problems) was the negative attention it got me. I hated having people reving engines at me cutting me off or getting next to me then just flooring it, I hated having to worry about where I parked the car, the thing was a magnet for stupid teens and the "ricer" crowd...
But I guess I am the exception of not driving the car like a retard, I had dark 20% tinted windows and would only crack them open at the top, but I guess thats my personality I like to be a private person and not show off.

I just want to let some of the older people know that some of us youngsters and handles these cars and respect them (I would wash the M every week, and I still wash my car every week) I realize how lucky I am to be able to drive BMW and Mercedes around when 99% of the population could never afford a base 3 series. anyways I am done with sports cars they are over rated expensive and worthless, yet I encourage everyone to own one just once.