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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
But that's just the sportuato time. BMW never released their best time with their/aggressive young driver, which I think would beat the sporauto time by 5-10 seconds at the least if it were ever to be released.
"Without heroics" is how I characterize the Sportauto time. As a for instance, Horst went an 8:05 in the 997S compared to Rohrl's 7:59, so it might be reasonable to assume something close to that kind of difference in the case of the M3 as well.

Then again, what were the sneakers worth? The only reference I could find (other than you guys) was that the PSC+ tires are not as aggressive as the Pirelli Corsas - but the Corsas are a very serious tire indeed. More serious than the PSCs, for instance.

A call to Michelin engineeering here in the states brought an opinion that the PSC+ tires ought to perform about like the PSCs - but better in the wet. This is a lot like the Pilot Sports vs PS2s. On the other hand, he had no actual data to quote, I assume because he's U.S. and those tires aren't sold here.

Generally speaking, DOT-legal semi-race rubber tends to be worth a fat second a minute in lap times over tires like the PS2, so for me to state that I think the new automatic may result in slightly improved lap times even on PS2s means I'm giving the new box a lot of credit.

I'm guessing we'll never know. Pity.