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Originally Posted by lonestar22 View Post
I'm sorry but these numbers are barely impressive at all. Consider that in this time period cars in this price category are making 800hp to 1000hp when spending that amount of money. All the money spent on this turbo kit to make it even with a single turbo or even upward turbo N54 Powered car? Sorry but this is sad. 600hp is not a lot these days.
You're dead wrong. I hate how so many people these days play the numbers game. When you look at deltas and areas under the curve coupled with how a vehicle puts the power down, you always get surprised. Look at some of the cars that Longboarder and DLSJ5 (the two that come to mind)have taken down (all while having lower numbers than the others). Their cars haul serious ass.

This is impressive- especially without a built engine. Can't wait to see what comes from it.

Originally Posted by Jonjt View Post
You're missing a hhhhuuuuuggggggeeee portion of what was posted. This car will beat a 700hp single turbo N54, if only because it has more area under the curve.

It's a stock motor, running a modest amount of boost. Yes, it's expensive but, it costs a similar amount to prep a 335i for that much power.

There's much more room for improvement, in comparison to an N54. The built S65 that Gintani is building may well go over 1000 crank hp. N54 isnt there yet.
Originally Posted by M-terkait View Post
i agree it is pushing 600whp with 91octane and 7.5psi only
imagine having a built motor and using E85+93octane should give u atleast 3+Psi and more cooling because E85 power
plus these GT28 are small to help S65 gain some low end torque as they mentioned above
Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Mmmmh,not so sure about this !
Thinking about a good stock ///M3 runs about 380 WHP,and with a good tune and test pipes at the best 400-410 WHP !
So we are talking here about HP on the wheels,and the Gintani Twin Turbo runs 200 WHP more !And that's about 50 % WHP more than stock S65 !
So for me personal 600 + WHP is a lot ! No worries this car kicks your A$$ !
All very valid responses.
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